Water Organs

Invented by ancient Greek craftsmen around 200 BC and perfected in Italy during the 1500s, the art of building the magical self playing water powered organs which were such a feature of renaissance gardens has been lost for the last 400 years. Until now.

Rodney Briscoe - working with Italian archeologists at the Villa D'Este at Tivoli, near Rome - has uncovered the secrets of Aeolian chamber used to generate the air pressure and the water wheel necessary to power the organ.

He has reconstructed the famed instrument and installed it in the original place in the fountain. He has also recreated a similar instrument, which plays birdsong, for another fountain in the gardens.

Rodney, a professional organbuilder with his team of craftsmen at W & A Boggis, now has the skills and technology to construct a water powered musical instruments for the garden. Contact him to discuss budget and requirements.


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